Greetings friends! If this is your first time here, be sure to check out the list of books by clicking on the "Library" link above. I hope you find something that enriches your life and saves you time - Rhett


The goal of a 1buckBook is to package valuable information and life lessons in a clear and concise manner to enlighten the reader on a given topic in as little time as possible.

Learning is an essential mechanism of life in general. I love the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Having access to a relatively open and widely distributed resource such as our current day internet is undoubtedly a blessing, but it can also be an incredibly wasteful time-sink.

When ones goal is to learn something new, it can often be difficult to find the desired nuggets of information without first digging through virtual mountains of content.

My primary goal with this project is to provide my readers value by means of "byte-sized" and easily digestible informational books. Books that get to the point without distractions, filler, or wading into the deep end.

With brevity being a top concern, I'm sure the use of the word "book" to describe my works might not be as accurate as something else (text/paper/pamphlet). That being said, I do enjoying the sound of alliteration and have no plans to apologize for this innocent indulgence in ego.

Business Model

I believe TIME is the most valuable resource people have. My intention is to write books that enrich the lives of those who read them by saving them time.

I have no doubt in my mind that my books will provide at a bare minimum $1 in value or save 5-10 minutes of time for a minimum wage worker where I live.

If you are unsure that you will save 5-10 minutes of your time or gain at least $1 in value, books are provided openly on an evaluation basis. I encourage making well informed decisions.

I also want to always make 1buckBooks available to those who have no money and/or cannot afford a $1 purchase in their current financial situation. I would like to have an honor system where, when you hopefully find some financial security in the future (maybe with the help of these books) , you can pay for the books then. In the meantime, you can show good faith by interacting socially (comments, likes, follows, shares, etc) when available and convenient.

If you feel that my writing has no value and is a complete waste of time, you are encouraged to direct your thoughts to hate@1buckBook.com -- I will try to give a personal response to all mail sent here (within reason)

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